Small Business Cash Advance

$30,000 – $750,000 Available

  • For Businesses Accepting Credit Cards

  • Payments Ebb and Flow with Sales

  • Highest Approval Rate

  • No Personal Financial Required

  • Same Day Decision; Funds in 3 Days


  • Advance of Cash Against Future Credit Card Sales
  • Approval Weighted on Business, Not Personal Credit
  • Approval Amount Generally Higher than for a Business Loan

  • Any Credit Type OK

  • 6 Months in Business OK

  • All Industries OK

  • Some Tax Liens under $150,000 with Plan Accepted

  • One Year Out Bankruptcy May Be Accepted
  • Repay Through a Small Percentage of Future Credit Card Sales


  • $300,000 Gross Annual Sales
  • 6 Months in Business OK if Business Does $30,000 Per Month in Credit Card Sales

  • 550+ FICO score
  • 3 Most Current Business Bank Statements
  • 3 Most Current Business Merchant Statements
  • Completed One Page Application


What is a Business Cash Advance?

Many businesses throughout the United States that operate with daily credit and debit sales prefer to utilize a form of small business financing known as a business / merchant cash advance. Business cash advances are popular for businesses that prefer repaying the advance on a daily basis as a percentage of sales.

A business cash advance is not a loan. A cash advance is simply an advance based upon future revenue or credit and debit card sales of a business. It is easy to apply for a business cash advance and you can get the funding your business requires in as little as 2 days. Use our easy cash advance application form to start the process.

How Do We Evaluate A Business Cash Advance?

We evaluate the criteria of accepting a business cash advance differently than a traditional bank might. Next Phase Funding looks at your businesses daily credit and debit card receipts to determine if the advance can be paid back in a timely manner. Essentially your small business is able to acquire fast capital by selling a portion of future credit card sales.

Business Cash Advance Rates

The interest rates on a business cash advance can be higher than a typical loan. This is largely based on the fact that less collateral and prior credit history is required to secure the advance. Perhaps a small business does not have the criteria to secure a more traditional loan but has steady credit and debit sales. Next Phase Funding will provide your small business with an open and transparent payment schedule and terms so you have a clear understanding of all the costs involved over the entire course of the advance. Our transparent cash advance terms and our ability to secure the best possible rates for any small business is why Next Phase Funding has become one of the most popular options for those looking to a cash advance to raise fast capital.

How Does a Business Cash Advance Work?

Next Phase Funding will create a transparent and easy to understand agreement between ourselves and the small business we are lending too. This agreement includes the advance amount, payback amount, and holdback percentage. Once the agreement is accepted, the cash advance is transferred into that business’s bank account.

The Holdback

The “holdback” is the agreed percentage of credit and debit sales (revenue) that are held back until the cash advance is paid back in full.

The repayment of a cash advance is based upon a percentage of a small business’s daily sales. Therefore, the more transactions a business does, the faster they are able to repay the advance. If sales are slower than the amount paid back on that day would be less. This flexibility is why so many small businesses use a cash advance for the financing they require.

Pros of a Business Cash Advance

The main benefits of a business cash advance are the flexible repayment terms. A percentage of your daily revenue is used to pay back the advance. This allows your small business to keep the costs of repayment steady with the volume of sales. A cash advance is usually for small amounts of capital than what a business loan would be used for.

  • No fixed monthly payment.
  • No collateral required.
  • Easy to manage. Repayment is made automatically through the business’s merchant account.
  • Fast approval and money available within 2 days.
  • Minimal paperwork.
  • Better cash flow for your business because payment is based on a percentage of sales.
  • Easy online application process
  • Don’t qualify for a traditional bank loan

Cons of a Business Cash Advance

The main drawback would be higher interest rates on the business cash advance. With speed of acceptance, less collateral and credit history the business cash advance will typically have higher interest rates than a traditional business loan.

  • Higher interest rates than a traditional business loan.
  • May have to switch credit card processors.

Is a Business Cash Advance the Best Solution for My Business?

Business cash advances are a great option for small businesses that need to access financing quickly. A business must have adequate daily revenues to make payments on the advance. Cash advances often require mush less credit requirements and typically are of small amounts than a traditional small business loan. A cash advance could be the perfect financing option for a small business that has good cash flow but has a weak credit profile or a short operating history.

Applying for a Business Cash Advance

Next Phase Funding makes applying for a small business cash advance a very easy process. The application process is much less demanding than that of a loan. Applying will not effect your credit score. use our online application form to get started immediately. Approval can take less than one day and your business could have its funds in as little as 2 business days.

  1. Complete our application form: It’s easy fast and free. Applying will not effect your credit score
  2. Documentation: Bank statements and credit card sales reports will be required to determine what amount your small business can qualify for.
  3. Approval process: We examine at your documentation to decide on approval. This can often be complete in as little as one day.
  4. Credit card processing checks: We work with your credit card processor to set-up how payments on the advance will be made. Sometimes a change of processor is required.
  5. Finalize the terms of the advance:
  6. Once credit card processing for payment ability has been finalized we go back over the terms of the cash advance agreement and the terms of payment. Once it has been agreed upon we will sign and your cash advance goes into affect.

  7. Receive Funds: It’s that easy. The money is deposited directly into your business’s back account and repayment via your business’s merchant account begins automatically.